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Panel Assembly Line


A module assembling system with panels installed with TAB and PCB does assembling B/L and T/C , forming, locking screw, aging, testing process, inside packaging.

Equipment Image


Equipment Size Customer Spec
Response Panel 10.4” ~ 42
Transfer Speed 25m / min Standard
Driving System Free Flow Roller Conveyor
Main Unit Forming M/C B/L Lighting Locking Screw Testing (Final) Aging Device Cooling Stocker
Applied Pallet SXGA, XGA Signal Pallet Application
Power 3¢, AC220V±10%, 60㎐, 1st Type Ground Connection
Air Pressure & Static Electricity CDA 5㎏/㎠/±0.1㎸ and less
Cleanness Class 10,000
Control System PLC