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Wire Cassette Feeder


System carries glass into and out of conveyor (normal & turn & divertor ) and main equipment ,consequently putting cassette up or down with wire cassette provided through AGV & Stoker.

Equipment Image


Equipment Size TBD
Wire cassette 40slot(20slot) / 23mm(Pitch)
Transfer Speed 10M / min
Glass Transfer Roller Conveyor
Cassette Transfer Stocker
Basic Unit Cassette loading station Cassette clamp & align Glass Transfer Con’V Cassette Up/down unit Feeder Frame
Driving System Servo motor + Ball screw
Power 3¢, AC208V±10%, 50 or 60㎐,3P
Air Pressure & Static Electricity CDA 5㎏/㎠/±0.1㎸ and less
Cleanness Class 100 ~ 1,000
Control System PLC