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GLASS Feeder (Dense & P.P Box)


As a early glass feeding process an In-Line System separates loaded glass on a packing box (or crate) from slip sheets, using a vertical articulated robot and puts glass into clean c/v and slip sheets into slip sheet cargo boxes.
(with Glass protection film, removal of Film Peeler Unit on C/V)

Equipment Image


Equipment Size (W)×(L)×(H) = Customer Spec
Glass Size Size: Customer Spec,
Thickness: 0.4t ~0.7t(1.1t)
Tact Time Customer Spec
Basic Unit Crate Turn Table Slip Sheet Blowout Machine Glass Reverser Glass Up-Down Glass Transfer C/V BCR Unit Top/bottom Peeler(Customer option spec)
Glass Supply P.P Box & Crate
Glass Loading Transfer MGV (Worker Supply) & AGV
Power 3¢ AC220V±10%, 60㎐ ±0.2%, 1 Type Ground Connection
Air Pressure & Degree of Vacuum CDA 5㎏/㎠ and more & 500㎜Hg
Cleanness Class 1,000
Control System PC & PLC & CIM