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GLASS Handler (Loader)


System uses MGV & AGV(Stoker) during the process of FPD panel and loads and stores provided glass which are being processed and blown out with robots into cassette.

Equipment Image


Equipment Size (W)×(L)×(H) = Customer Spec
Glass Size Size: Customer Spec , Thickness: 0.4~1.1t
Tact Time Customer Spec
CST Stage 2Port(1 ~ 12Port)
Basic Unit Floating Stage Mapping Unit RF Read Unit BCR Ionizer Robot Area Sensor
CST Supply AGV(Stoker) & MGV Response
Power 3¢ AC220V±10%, 60㎐, 1 Type Ground Connection
Air Pressure & Static Electricity CDA 5㎏/㎠ & Spec±0.1㎸ and less
Cleanness Class 100
Control System PC & PLC & CIM(ECS)