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“Theragen Tech Co., Ltd will become the best LCD equipment company of customer value priority.””


Good afternoon.

I would like to send a deep gratitude to you for visiting this website.

Since the establishment in 1987, Theragen Tech Co., Ltd has been a company specialized in LCD related equipment and Cleanroom industrial facilities continuously grown for 30 years, solving problems with global companies.

With best technology and competitiveness to create more customer values, we have strengthened strategic partnership with customers and consistently invested in research and development and put a constant effort in taking a leap for a global leading tech company.

We will continue to make our best efforts for the sustainable growth of the company for a better future with continuous innovation and the spirit of challenge, fulfilling the social responsibilities.

Theragen Tech executives promise that the company will grow into a company producing a healthier and better life values based on your interests and supports.

Theragen Tech Co., Ltd. CEO, Cho Hyeong-suk, Chae Hee-sool.